A Buffet of KU Romance Books Just for You!

As an avid Kindle Unlimited member & reader, I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the ever-increasing choices in the KUniverse. This month, I’m excited to introduce a new type of e-book promo that features books available through Kindle Unlimited – complete books, not just samples. All are contemporary romances, and many are the first or part of a series. So if you like what you read, there is probably more by that same author. Yay!

Fun Fact: Authors like me who provide books through Kindle Unlimited are restricted by Amazon from giving away anything more than a sample. This is why I haven’t been including All of Your Business (from my contemporary romance series Richer in Love) in more promos. So I’m delighted that Book Funnel has created a new way for authors like me to share e-books with romance readers like you. Happy reading!

Start downloading your KU romance reads now!

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E-book Extravaganza is ON until July 31!

The annual July Fantasy Extravaganza is back! This e-book giveaway is always excellent because it features such a wide variety of subgenres in both Fantasy and Science Fiction. Browse through the dozens of offerings to your heart’s content, and download as many as you like. It’s a great way to explore new authors, many of whom have multiple books or complete series. My fantasy book Rescue (By Eyes Unseen Book One) is included in this promo. Happy summertime reading!

Claim your free sci-fi and fantasy reads now!

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Sometimes the Magic Happens

Ever since childhood, I’ve loved fantastical stories. The Chronicle of Narnia. The Hobbit. A Wrinkle in Time. By junior high, I had moved on to Dune and the Shannara series. Even now, I recall particular seasons in my life as “right after I read The Hunger Games” or “just before I discovered the Ranger’s Apprentice series.”

This giveaway features a buffet of science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal tales with plenty of magic, dragons, mythical creatures, and spaceships to go around. All of the books are permanently free, and you’ll download them directly from major e-book retailers. So if you find one you like, spread the word, and your friends can download it for free, too, through June 29!

Claim your free sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal reads now!

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Treat Yourself to Something Sweet AND Free

What could be sweeter than cookies and cocoa? The books included in this delightful giveaway! If you like your romances on the mild side, this is the perfect promo for you.

My sweet contemporary romance She Hates Me Not is included in this giveaway along with other heartwarming stories from a variety of subgenres. So go ahead and download to your heart’s content, then savor all the feels in these free e-books! Happy reading!

Claim your free sweet romance reads now!

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Free Reads for the Young and the Young at Heart

All of my friends who read YA fiction agree on one thing – it’s not just for young adults. We’re never too old to get lost in the magic of a story, no matter what age group it’s written for. Some of the most imaginative and vibrant books I’ve read are cataloged in that genre.

This promo is filled with YA e-books with a fantasy focus. My fantasy novel Rescue (book one in the By Eyes Unseen series) is included in this giveaway, and it’s in very good company! So if you’re a passionate YA reader, or just want to see what the fuss is about, download your free e-books between now and June 30.  Happy reading!

Claim your free YA fantasy reads now!

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What Am I Reading? Regency Romances by Mary Lancaster

What Am I Reading_ Mary Lancaster

The luck of the Irish is with me! Recently I discovered (and have since devoured) another Regency Romance series. The Blackhaven Brides series by Mary Lancaster strikes a delightful blend of romance and intrigue due to its “cozy” setting in a fashionable town on the English coast that just happens to be a haven for brandy smugglers. Yes, please!

While Blackhaven Brides contains more than its fair share of Regency romance tropes, Lancaster handles them with a deft touch. Her love for the genre and the era shine through her characters which include smart, capable women and charmingly snarky men. The author is also adept at interweaving the citizens of Blackhaven into dangerous yet believable situations for some lovely swashbuckling fun!

Visit Ms. Lancaster’s website at www.marylancaster.com or click the words below to see the series on Amazon. Box Sets 1 and 2 are available on Kindle Unlimited, too! (For my “sweet & clean” romance readers, please note – these books contain detailed bedroom scenes.)

Find out more about the Blackhaven Brides series on Amazon

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Read Your Way into Springtime

March 2019 Series Starters Fantasy Rescue

It may still be wintry in some parts of the world, but I’m definitely feeling what I call the Spring Zing – that little buzz inside me which reassures me winter can’t last forever and sunny days are right around the corner. Spring is the season of new beginnings, and what better way to usher in the longer, warmer days than to start reading a new series?

This free e-book promo is perfect for readers who enjoy fantasy series – anything from epic to edgy, paranormal to fairy tale. The giveaway contains more than 150 series starters, including Rescue, the first book in my By Eyes Unseen series.

So even if the springtime weather hasn’t arrived just yet, you can usher a bunch of new beginnings into your life by enjoying these free fantasy e-books! Happy reading!

Claim your free fantasy series starters now!

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I’m Giving Away a Free E-book to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

aoyb free feb 2018 newsletter post

‘Tis the season for hugs & kisses, and what better way to celebrate than with a FREE copy of All of Your Business, my Valentine-themed contemporary romance! This e-book is a standalone HEA and part of my Richer in Love sweet romance series. Download your copy on Amazon through this Sunday (Feb 17) and feel free to spread the word!

All of Your Business holds a special place in my heart because of its heroine, Didi Velasquez. Didi is the most biographical character I’ve written. She is inspired by the real-life story of a former student of mine whose intelligence, determination, and fierce love for her family left an indelible impression on me.

No Kindle? No problem! I use Amazon’s Kindle App on my iPhone, and it works great!

Download Your Free Copy of All of Your Business – and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Download Amazon’s Kindle app for Mac, Windows, and Android

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Satisfy Your “Sweet” Tooth with These Free Romance E-books

2019 feb sweet clean romances bf promo

When it comes to romances, do you have a “sweet” tooth? Satisfy your e-book cravings with this sweet & clean giveaway! It’s jampacked with free e-books that range from historical to contemporary, including holiday-themed and paranormal. My sweet contemporary romance She Hates Me Not is included in this generous promo which is available until February 24. Happy reading!

Download your Sweet & Clean Romances Now!

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What Am I Reading? Regency Romances by Sally Britton

what am i reading_ sally britton

I do a happy dance each time I discover a romance series like Branches of Love by Sally Britton. These books are engaging, delightful historical romances that had me downloading the next one right after I’d finished the last. I would consider them all sweet and clean (one reviewer described them as “chaste Regency”), but there’s enough romantic tension to keep me swiping that screen!

Visit Ms. Britton’s website at http://www.authorsallybritton.com or click the button below to see the entire series on Amazon. All of the novels are currently part of Kindle Unlimited, too, and the charming novella is only 99 cents.

Find out more about Branches of Love on Amazon

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