One-Stop Shopping for KU Romance Readers

2018 Nov KU Romance Sample BF promo

Are you a KU member? If so, this giveaway is tailor-made for you! This promo showcases e-books which are currently available in Kindle Unlimited. It’s convenient, one-stop-shopping for romance readers (like me) who are always searching for good reads in KU. The offerings range from sweet to super-steamy with a little fantasy thrown into the mix.

Fun Fact: Authors like me who provide books through Kindle Unlimited are restricted by Amazon from giving away anything more than a sample. This is why I don’t include All of Your Business (from my contemporary romance series Richer in Love) in more promos. So I jumped at the chance to include a sample of it in this giveaway which runs through January 31.

Claim your KU romance samples now!

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Here Come the Holidays – and the FREE E-books!

2018 November Feel Good Romance BF promo

If you’re like me, reading is a part of your daily routine – even when it’s just during those few calm moments before falling asleep at night. But when the holidays arrive? Bring on the books! Less time at work means more time to savor all those stories just waiting to be read.

And if, like me, you love a feel-good romance, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in this giveaway. This assortment is perfect for the holidays, but it’s only available until December 16. So throw another log on the fire, brew your favorite hot beverage, and curl up with a good book (or several)!

Claim your feel-good freebies now!

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Treat Yourself to 185 Free Fantasy E-books

2018 Nov 1-30 Fantasy Extravaganza forest path JPG

Halloween may be over, but here’s a MEGA treat for all the fantasy readers! This giveaway includes 185 free e-books (complete novels and/or samples) representing all the fantasy sub-genres. High fantasy. Low fantasy. Sword and sorcery. Steampunk and fairy-tail retellings.

My fantasy adventure Rescue (book one in my By Eyes Unseen series) is featured in this giveaway, and the rest of the series is currently available in Kindle Unlimited. This promo ends on November 30, so don’t wait too long to claim you fantasy freebies!

Claim your fantasy freebies today!

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Fall Into Autumn With This YA Giveaway

Let’s face it. Young Adult (YA) books aren’t just for young adults. They feature some of the most intriguing and innovative storytelling on the market. I have friends of all ages who read them as avidly as the “grown-up” books on their bedside tables.

Whether you’re YA all the way or you’re still trying to figure out what the fuss is about, tuck into these free young adult e-books between now and November 30. This promotion includes all subgenres as long with samples and previews from books available on Kindle Unlimited. My YA fantasy adventure Rescue is part of this giveaway.

Touch here to download your free YA e-books.

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Cash In On This Billionaire E-book Giveaway!

2018 October All About Billionaires BF promo

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for billionaire romances. It doesn’t matter if he or she is the Richest of Them All, I adore rags-and-riches mash-ups that end in happily ever after. That’s why I’ve written two books in this romance subgenre (my Richer in Love series), and I’ve got two more in the planning stages.

If you’re like me, this e-book flash promo will be catnip! You can download all 19 of these sweet & mild romances which feature a billionaire just waiting to have his or her heart stolen. My contemporary romance She Hates Me Not is part of this giveaway, so if you haven’t read it yet, you can download it for free. Enjoy cashing in on this flash giveaway and thanks for reading!

Touch here to download your FREE Billionaire romance e-books by October 5, 2018!

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What Am I Reading? Cozy Regency Mysteries by Lynn Messina

Imagine my delight when one of my favorite romance authors released not one, not two, but THREE books in August! The Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries series is available on Kindle Unlimited, and I devoured all of them within a fortnight despite being insanely busy. The intrepid, if diffident, Beatrice has joined the ranks of my cherished fictional friends.

A few years back, I discovered Lynn Messina’s Regency romances in her Love Takes Root series (which I adore). Now, she’s written a new trio of cozy Regency mysteries with a tantalizing, slow-bloom romance. Messina isn’t a stereotypical romance writer. She dives deep into her characters’ psyches and crafts strong female protagonists (always catnip for me). Plus, Messina is one of the few authors who makes me laugh out loud, and there was no shortage of chuckles as I enjoyed these books. This and Messina’s other Regency series are best if read in order.

Touch here (or the graphic above) to see more about these delighful books!

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Sci-Fi and Fantasy Readers: Discover Your Next Favorite Series!

If you’re in need of a good Sci-Fi or Fantasy read, look no further! More than 150 authors have contributed books to this massive giveaway! Mermaids? Got ’em! Vampires? Check! Aliens? Dragons? Space westerns? Of course!

Rescue, book one in my fantasy series By Eyes Unseen, is included in this giveaway. Hopefully, this generous and varied selection will keep your e-reader happy until the next e-book bonanza! Touch here (or touch the graphic above) to take advantage of all these freebies!

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Stock Up On Your Supply Of Free Romance E-books!

September has arrived! The days aren’t any cooler in my part of the world, but they are getting shorter, so that’s a perfect excuse to head to bed a little earlier and snuggle up with a romance e-book! This giveaway features 94 romance e-books in a variety of subgenres.

Judging from the number of abs on the covers, there are a LOT of steamy reads in this selection! Readers can also find the sweeter kind of stories with historical and contemporary themes. She Hates Me Not is part of this two-month-long Fall Freebie giveaway.  Touch here to download your FREE Romance Reads or touch the graphic above!

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Survive The Summertime With These Free Reads!

Just in time for the dog days of summer, this giveaway contains more than 60 FREE e-books representing a variety of genres.  Do you like contemporary romance? Paranormal adventure? Dystopian fiction? Fairy tales retold? You’re in luck!

With many recognizable authors, this promo will appeal to anyone who enjoys YA or prefers to keep it light on the romance and violence. Some of these are “micro-stories,” making them ideal for a few hours by the pool or at the beach. What better way to escape the August heat? So grab a cold drink, find a comfy spot, and treat yourself to a good read!

Download Your Free Clean Summer Reads


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It’s Flash Sale Sunday! Download A Novel for 99 Cents!

I began writing The Never List as a love letter to London. After moving home from England, I found myself reminiscing fondly about the city, its people and rhythm, its history and uniqueness. Many of my favorite locations have worked their way into the Love Across Londons series.

Like all of my romance novels, The Never List features a confident and intelligent heroine, a hunky good-hearted Brit, and the delicious collision of social norms that happens in time-travel books. At 117,000 words, it’s a sweet deal at 99 cents. But it’s only on sale until July 31 (this Tuesday)!

Buy The Never List e-book from Amazon

Buy The Never List e-book from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more

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