It’s Cover Reveal Day with a SNEAK PEEK coming soon!

There are lots of “benchmark” moments that I celebrate as an author on the journey to publication. Seeing the book’s cover for the first time is one of my favorites! And because people do tend to judge a book by its cover, I’m blessed to know Young Fallis, a gifted graphic designer from A Train Creative who has designed seven of my book covers to date.

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If you haven’t read the first two books in my Love Across Londons series, CLICK HERE (or on the graphic below) to find out more.  What began as my “love letter to London” has evolved into a romance series with more to come!  This series blends feel-good romance with time-travel adventure and has my trademark dash of sass and whimsy.  Books one and two are available in e-book and paperback from a variety of online retailers.

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Holiday FREE book promo featuring SHE HATES ME NOT

I’m excited to take part in another e-book giveaway, one that celebrates the generosity of the holiday season.  Even if you’ve already read She Hates Me Not, there are 49 more romance books to enjoy in this super-sized selection!  CLICK HERE to share in the bounty of these romance reads.

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It’s Launch Day for WRITING BRIGHTER!

Book #9 has arrived!  Happy Birthday to Writing Brighter!

Are there any young writers in your life?  I’ve written this book expressly for them!  If writing feeds my soul, then coaching young writers fills my heart, and I hope this book equips & encourages the next generation of writers.  The paperback is just $7.50 on Amazon and would make a wonderful stocking stuffer!  CLICK HERE to see the various sales options at online retailers.

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October FREE book promo featuring RESCUE!

Looking for your next favorite fantasy novel?  Check out these 25 FREE books available until October 23.  Click HERE to download your free books.  I’m proud to have RESCUE, book one in my By Eyes Unseen fantasy series, as part of this stellar book promo!

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Celebrate BOOKSing Day with a New Book (or Two)!

Boxing Day?  Try BOOKSing Day!  (Yes, I’m excited enough to write really bad puns!)

All of Your Business launches today, topping off another fantastic year of writing & publishing for the Greene Team!  This is Book Two in my contemporary romance series, Richer in Love.

To celebrate this big event, we’ve dropped the price of its “older sibling” – She Hates Me Not – to just 99 cents through New Year’s Day.  Two eBooks for two bucks?  Happy New Year, indeed!

And if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can download both books right now.

These eBooks are available through Amazon, and even though they’re published only in the Kindle format at this time, Amazon’s free app for non-Kindle devices works great!  I use it on my iPhone all the time.

Paperbacks of both novels are available, too, if that’s how you roll.  Click here to visit my Amazon Author Central page with all my books in various formats.

However you choose to spend it, enjoy your Boxing Day, and thanks for reading!

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Countdown to Book Launch! 10…9…8…

Just 10 days until All of Your Business arrives at Amazon on Boxing Day! (That’s December 26 for the Yanks.)

This contemporary romance picks up six months after She Hates Me Not.  The special pre-order sale price is just 99 cents!

All of Your Business is especially near and dear to my heart because of its smart and hardworking heroine, Didi Velasquez.  Didi was raised in San Antonio (where I lived for 14 years), so I got to revisit the puro spirit of a city I adore.  Viva Fiesta!

Didi is also my first Latina protagonist.  Researching her vibrant, family-oriented culture was an absolute delight!  Quinceañeras.  Telenovelas.  Concha blancas.  La chancla.  As with the Cajun culture in She Hates Me Not, my awareness of and respect for the Hispanic community deepened while I wrote this novel.

Pre-order your copy to join Didi on her first visit to London as she brings her buena cara energy to Ben Richmond’s all-business world.

Free free to share this post, and thanks for reading!  #gratitude

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Does Your Brain Get in the Way of Editing?

One of my favorite editing techniques is to read my manuscripts as Amazon intended: on my Kindle.

I’m not a fan of any particular e-reader.  I happen to own a Kindle, and I still love to purchase the printed word.  (My bookshelves are proof of that.)

Love ’em or hate ’em, e-readers are here to stay.  So, I do my readers a service if I edit my book in all possible formats – electronic as well as print.

Throughout the writing process, I’ll email my manuscript (formatted in Microsoft Word) directly to my Kindle. By “changing the frame” of how my eyes see the words, I’m more likely to notice sneaky typos, clunky sentences, and draggy paragraphs.

Why does this matter?  Click the link to read a scientific explanation.

My Beta Readers received Beta Buckets with a printed proof copy of All of Your Business around two months before publication

Familiarity breeds mistakes.  The brain is a bit too smart for its own good – at least when writers try to edit their own work.  The brain swaps letters and plugs in the holes that need to be unswapped and unplugged.

So what happens when my own eyes aren’t enough?

When possible, I hire a professional editor.  It’s expensive but worth every penny.

I also distribute proof copies of my manuscript to my team of Beta Readers.  These are folks who read in my genre and have the time to consider a series of broad content questions.  I also ask them to hunt for typos.  (When editing 100,000+ words, it absolutely takes a village.)

For me, Beta Readers are invaluable.  They bring their own unique perspectives and skills, and my novels are better because of them.

This wraps up my answer to the original question: “What’s your writing process?” For those of you who’ve followed this blog series, thank you for your time and attention. With two more novels currently on my authorial plate, look for future posts about writing, book launches, sales, and more!

And to all those who made it through #NaNoWriMo: CONGRATULATIONS!  Even if your novel isn’t finished, you’re off to a great start.  And starting is often the hardest part!


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Are you ready for NaNoEdMo?

If November is National Novel Writing Month, does that mean December is National Novel Editing Month?

Editing gets a really bad rap.  And probably for good reason.  It’s the polar opposite of the free-flow creative process where the brain gets to play without restraint.

Editing requires attention and time.  It involves rules and demands humility.

After writing eight novels, here’s what I’ve learned:

Editing isn’t about finding mistakes.

Editing is about finding the magic.

I edit both during and after I write.  Not all authors do this, and many avoid editing at all costs.  Why?  Because the creative brain and the critical brain are like chocolate and broccoli.  Although both have their benefits, I wouldn’t want them mixed together on my dinner plate.

But who am I to judge?

Since I’m a “weekend writer,” I often have to make space for both writing (chocolate) and editing (broccoli) in the same day.  I can enjoy both parts of the process if I cleanse my palate in-between.  Fix lunch.  Run errands.  Do something else for a while.  And hopefully forget what I’ve just written so I can judge it with a critical eye.

To do that, I print a hard copy of whatever I’ve written and take it for a walk.  Armed with pages, pens, and my iPod, I stroll along the neighborhood footpaths, evaluating and making notes as I go.  Something about being in motion helps the chocolate-to-broccoli transition.

When I first started doing this, I felt self-conscious.  No one else was reading while they walked.  I stopped caring as soon as I realized how well it works for me.  Plus, I’m getting fresh air and exercise.

Isn’t editing about typos and run-ons and stuff that drives English teachers crazy?

Absolutely.  It’s about that, too.  If storytelling is a sort of magic, then mistakes break the spell.

That’s not to say there won’t be any.  Even traditionally published books often contain an “oops” or two.  However…

Editing isn’t about what a writer gets wrong.  It’s about focusing on what’s right.  Enhancing.  Improving.  Chipping away like a sculptor at a block of marble until the story’s final shape appears.

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The Final Phase of Writing: Not Writing

mom-face-writerShould a writer write every day?

Many authors will shout a resounding YES! I have no quibble with them.

I also don’t hold myself to that standard.  I try to practice moderation (except where chocolate is involved).  I believe it’s okay not to write for day, a week, or even a month.  If I don’t rest between writing projects, my creative inkwell runs dry.

julie-creativity-memeAnd if writing is an act of will, then storytelling is a state of mind.  Both are magical, and neither perform on command.  Creativity on demand feels counter-intuitive to me.  Discipline is important to cultivate, but when forced, the magic can become manic.

Some days, I feel compelled to step away from my writing.  The process should be a joy, not a chore.  Instead, I might read books by other authors who inform and inspire me.  Robert McKee’s Story.  Annie Dillard’s essays.  Poetry from across the ages.

jcam-booksOne writer who restores me is Julia Cameron.  The Artist’s Way arrived in my life at exactly the right time.  I’ve since read four more of Julia’s books which are designed as interactive studies for creative types (which, according to Julia, is all of us).

Even when I’m not writing, I’m creating.  Just because I close my laptop doesn’t mean the magic fades.  It settles in a different part of my brain – kind of like a storytelling Crock-pot.  There, the narrative simmers while I’m doing other stuff.

I applaud all the writers who continue to strive to write an entire novel this month.  (#NaNoWriMo2016)  It’s the creative equivalent of climbing K2.  In a snowstorm.  Without boots.

Will I be writing today?  Probably.  And if not, the storytelling goes on…

However we each choose to spend it, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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When Does Your Brain Wake Up?

bird-worm-2Early bird or night owl?  Most writers I know seem to be one or the other.

Some of us have brains that come alive just as the sun is setting.  Others do their best work between sunrise and brunch.  I’m the second kind – an early bird writer.

Right now, my writing hours are limited.  Every day, I report to a full-time job around 6:45 am.  I work my eight hours.  I run errands afterward, and I take a long walk almost every evening.  Somewhere in there, I eat dinner and oversee the business of publishing.

When I try to write in the evening, I end up frustrated.  It’s just now how I’m wired.  Only brainstorming works for me after sunset because it’s free-form and messy and for my eyes only.

On weekdays, I could wake up around 3 am to score a few hours of writing time.  While I was writing my By Eyes Unseen series, I did this for more than a year.  But it’s tough, and long-term sleep deprivation does little to improve an author’s work (or job performance or social life).

books-for-researchSo, on the weekends, I embark on marathon writing sessions – four to eight hours at a time depending on when I wake up.  If I’m in the zone, I can crank out an entire chapter and review it after a late lunch.

During this phase, the research continues with lots of fact-checking, map-reading, and synonym-finding.  I enjoy this aspect of the process as much as any other.  For me, writing is a symphony of actions.  Every moment contributes to the momentum.

Writing is a solitary, even sacred, experience – one I cherish and protect.

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