The Best-Left Questions (Love Across Londons Book Two)

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Where by all that was good and right did Victoria Smith learn to drive?

After returning to London in 2014, Charles Stratford finds himself in need of a job – and answers to questions he’d rather not ask.

Spurred by Tori’s irrepressible spirit, Charles agrees to go in search of another hidden treasure, the Firestorm Amber of Brighton. Guided by clues from his father’s journal, Charles and Victoria are confronted by old foes and new friends when they travel to 1666, the year of the Great Fire of London.

But their most loyal protector may turn out to be the one man Charles cannot forgive.

From present-day London to eighteenth-century Westminster, The Best-Left Questions continues the romantic adventures of Charles Stratford and Victoria Smith.  It is the second in the Love Across Londons series.

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