Love, Romance & Chocolate (2019)

Hallmark Summary: “New York accountant Emma Colvin is heartbroken when her boyfriend leaves her before their planned romantic getaway to Belgium for Valentine’s Day. Convinced by a friend to go alone on the trip, Emma has the adventure of a lifetime when her Belgian innkeeper introduces her to renowned chocolatier, Luc Simon.”

My Reaction? Two words – WILL KEMP. I’d like to say I watch Hallmark movies for the plotties, not the hotties, but honestly it’s a combo platter. I didn’t know Kemp as an actor until I saw “Royal Matchmaker” (another jewel in the Hallmark romance crown), and he is ideal for these films. He owns the role of Luc Simon. Fun fact: Kemp is also an accomplished dancer who trained at the Royal Ballet School in London. Hallmark wisely plans to put Kemp’s mad dance skills on display in “Christmas Waltz” in November 2020. Counting the days…

Lacey Chabert shines in this movie. She brings sensitivity and strength to the character of Emma who doesn’t let her vacation (or Luc’s change-is-bad attitude) get in the way of her passion for baking. Emma is a perfect example of what I call the Agency for Hallmark Heroines Scale. Instead of choosing between her dreams and a man, Emma follows her dreams AND finds love in the process.

Added Bonus: Learn how to make chocolate from a cute guy in Bruges. Best vacation ever.

Festival, Wedding, or Ball? Ball

Teachable Moment: How to make chocolate. With a cute guy. In Bruges. (Did I mention that already?)

My Verdict? LOVED IT! I watch this one more than I care to admit. Pairs well with imported chocolates and pink champagne.