She Hates Me Not (A Richer in Love Romance)

1. In chapter 1, what motivates Lou’s choice to accept Lydia’s offer?  If you were in Lou’s shoes, would you take the money and agree to go on the date?

1b. Why does Lydia make such an offer? What is she trying to prevent?

2. How is Lou’s day-to-day life affected by her fear of being discovered by fortune hunters? What choices has she made to ensure that she stays off the grid?

3a. In chapter 7, Moggie tells Lou, “You’ve been hiding for so long, you’ve forgotten what it means to be free. It made sense for you to be cautious at first. Now you live like the sky’s always falling.” Do you know anyone who lives in a constant state of fear?

3b. What is the difference between being prepared and being afraid?

4a. During her picnic with Kip in chapter 8, Lou contemplates Kip’s family fortune and how it impacts his relationships with others. She thinks, “The Richmonds were wealthier than the Queen of England, but was that really an advantage?” What challenges have Kip and his brother Ben faced because of their wealth?

4b. Would you want to be extremely wealthy if it meant living in the public eye?

5. Kip describes himself as having an addictive personality. In what ways does his character reflect this?

6a. Moggie and Beryl are surrogate mothers to Lou. How are they different from Lydia?

6b. Are there any ways in which these three women are similar?

7a. In chapter 12, Beryl tells Lou, “Losing someone’s trust is like watering the wine.  Once done, it’s irreversible.” Do you agree with this?

7b. Who, in the story, convinces Kip to give Lou another chance with his trust? (see chapter 16)

8a. When they meet up at the canal pub in chapter 17, Lou asks Kip if he thinks she’s crazy for running and hiding. He replies, “Possibility is a powerful motivator.  Most of our actions are based on what’s possible, not on what will actually happen.” How does possibility motivate Lou’s choices?

8b. How does possibility motivate Lydia’s choices throughout the book?

9. As you read She Hates Me Not, did you think Lou was a little bit crazy or simply trusting her instincts?

10. If you went out to dinner with one of the characters, which one would you choose and why?