A London bookseller and a time-traveling journalist fall in love as they search for a hidden treasure which, if found, may separate them forever.

SHORTLISTED in the 2016 CHATELAINE International Writing Competition!

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Charles and Victoria are confronted by old foes and new friends when they travel to 1666, the year of the Great Fire of London.

FINALIST in the 2017 CHATELAINE International Writing Competition!

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When a dangerous artifact falls into enemy hands, Tori and Charles travel to 1811, the dawn of the Regency era.  While they race to recover an ancient box which threatens the fabric of time, they must unravel a mystery from Charles’ past to preserve their future together.

The Best-Left Questions is the third novel in the cross-genre Love Across Londons series.




A fun & flirty romance with a hint of suspense is available now.  #KindleUnlimited

When American ex-pat Lou Aucoin ends up on a date with a man she’s sworn to hate (even though they’ve never met), her heart and her safety are in jeopardy. Can Lou keep her promise to hate the charming Kip Richmond when they both start falling in love?

Set against the delightful backdrop of Stratford-upon-Avon,  She Hates Me Not blends heartwarming romance with mild suspense as Lou and Kip confront their troubled pasts in the hopes of loving again.


What readers are saying…

“I enjoyed this charming love story featuring a spunky protagonist with a secret past. The suspenseful plot line and British setting were great. Highly recommended.” – Pamela Fagan Hutchins, author of USA Best Book Award-winning What Doesn’t Kill You mystery series

“Lou and Kip’s romance starts out as fun and sweet … their interactions are adorable and fun.  Lou has a fun sass to her and is expertly overshadowed by her fears.  Kip is a classic playboy rich boy with a heart of gold … a fun and sweet romance with a different slant than you always come across.” – Clean Romance Reviews

Book Two available now.  #KindleUnlimited

He has every advantage. She has everything to lose.

All work and no play suits Ben Richmond just fine until he meets Didi Velasquez on a red-eye flight to London.  Charmed by Didi’s buoyant nature, Ben impulsively asks her out.  When he reports to the office thinking he has a date, Ben discovers they’re competing to acquire the same gold mine for their rival companies.

In the glittering center of London’s financial district, business and pleasure go head to head when kindred hearts compete for a prize that could cost them a future together.  All of Your Business is Greene’s eighth novel.




“Think Lord of the Rings meets Anne of Green Gables with a dash of The Alchemist.”

Rescue (By Eyes Unseen, Book 1) – A young woman discovers an invisible castle and meets its enigmatic king. The king opens her eyes to the world’s unseen evil and invites her to join the outcasts who fight it.


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Refuge (By Eyes Unseen, Book 2) – Pearl finds herself enmeshed in an unseen war when she is asked to join the king’s outriders who must infiltrate the savage land of Ungott to retrieve the unlightable lamp.

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Response (By Eyes Unseen, Book 3) – As new threats stalk the Fourtlands, Pearl leaves the castle to help find the unfoldable map while Paxton battles his increasing need to cross the pale.

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Reward (By Eyes Unseen, Book 4) – With Varrick and Carys held captive in Orld, Pearl and Paxton assist with the search for the unturnable key as a host of threats converge upon the castle.

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What readers are saying…

“I found this to be an enjoyable series. Greene’s characters were well-done, the adventures offered good twists, and each story offered a good balance between action and drama.” – Audie Thacker, author and reviewer at Speculative Faith

“This is a great story that I would liken to Lord of the Rings or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Great characters, very creative and engaging writing style. Teenagers through adults will love this!…This is fantasy writing at its best!” – Amazon review