The Next Forever (Love Across Londons Book Three)

SEMI-FINALIST in the 2018 CHATELAINE Book Awards for Romantic Fiction



As Charles and Victoria settle into married life, the honeymoon is far from over. Neither are their struggles to understand why one member of a secret society wants to kidnap them and another one wants them dead.

When a dangerous artifact falls into enemy hands, Tori and Charles travel to 1811, the dawn of the Regency era. While they race to recover an ancient box which threatens the fabric of time, they must unravel a mystery from Charles’ past to preserve their future together.

Charles is haunted by a history he does not comprehend and can no longer ignore. To find the truth, he and Tori must ask: what will they sacrifice to protect each other?

From the Roaring Twenties to Jane Austen’s England, The Next Forever transports readers through time into Londons filled with intrigue, romance, and adventure. It is the final book in the Love Across Londons series which should be read in order.

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