1 Rescue: By Eyes Unseen

  1. How is the theme of “rescue” reflected throughout the novel?
  1. Describe a time in your life when you desperately needed to be rescued. Did it require a “leap of faith” on your part? Were you required to believe in a goal or a path you couldn’t clearly see?
  1. If you were assigned to a particular job in the castle, which job would you prefer and why?
  1. Even after Pearl enters the castle, she clings to the hope of saving Hollycopse. Why is Pearl so reluctant to give up her home?
  1. How do Pearl’s perceptions and presumptions about other characters affect the reader’s opinions of those characters? Have you ever made assumptions about people based on where they were born or raised? Did those assumptions turn out to be true?
  1. Another theme in Rescue is unmet expectations. What are some examples of unmet expectations in the story? How does the king fail to meet Pearl’s expectations?
  1. Is Pearl a heroic character? If so, how? If not, what keeps her from being a hero?
  1. What do you think happened to Pearl’s parents?
  1. Would you rather be safe or be free?