The Best-Left Questions (Love Across Londons Book Two)

1. When Charles and Victoria begin their initial treasure hunt across London in 2015, how does each character approach the idea of traveling through time?  How do their different reactions complement one another? How do they challenge each other?

2. How is the Duke of Warwick’s reputation different from Charles’ perceptions of him as a father?  Have you ever known someone who is kinder to strangers than to his/her own family?

3. How does Tori’s impression of the Duke of Warwick change throughout the novel?

4. How does Charles’ impression of Reece Naylor change throughout the novel?

5. In order to stay in 1778, Tori has to cultivate “meekness” as a trait (or at least pretend to).  How does that process unfold for Tori?  In what chapters or moments does she succeed?  In which ones does she fall short?  Would you find it as difficult as she does?

6. Throughout The Best-Left Questions, Tori is concerned about Neelema’s living situation in 1778.  What about Neely’s situation bothers Tori?  What strengths does Neely demonstrate as a character in spite of where and when she’s grown up?

7. Does Miss Evelina Steele deserve a happy ending with Lord Henry Hartwell?

8. What conclusion does Charles finally reach about his relationship with his father?  Do you think he makes the right decision?

9. Does time heal all wounds?  Can you think of an example from your own life where the passage of time brought peace or healing to something that seemed irreparable?

10. In which London would you prefer to live: 1666, 1778, or 2015?  What some benefits and challenges in each (apart from the smell)?