Rhyming Even Brighter

Are you ready for the next challenge?

Just like in Rhyming Brighter, there are 31 unique exercises in a mix of traditional and invented forms. All come with descriptions, definitions, and examples plus a handy glossary at the back. You can work in order or skip around, give yourself a deadline or take all the time you need.

There are also blank lined pages provided for each exercise, making this a convenient and portable way to sharpen your style wherever you are. All you need to something to write with. No batteries, cords, or charging stations required!

And remember – poetry isn’t just for poets. Practicing these skills as writers of any kind can enhance our fiction, nonfiction, blogging, and more!

Homeschool teachers rejoice! You don’t have to know poetry to teach poetry. Rhyming Even Brighter does the heavy lifting for you!

Rhyming Even Brighter is part of Greene’s All Things Brighter nonfiction series which also includes Rhyming Brighter and Writing Brighter. This series is ideal for homeschool teachers who want to encourage and equip the young poets and writers in their groups, co-ops, or pods.

All the books in this series are designed to provide:

These books are geared toward ninth grade and higher, but an advanced younger writer might benefit as well.

Here is a sample exercise from Rhyming Even Brighter:

Note: All contents of Rhyming Even Brighter are copyrighted per U.S. copyright law. Please do not recreate, replicate, copy and/or redistribute without written permission from F. E. Greene. My book sales put the food on my table, and I like to eat! Thank you for understanding.

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