Reward: By Eyes Unseen (Book 4)

After surrendering themselves to spare the townsfolk of Stinley, Varrick and Carys are held captive in Thornsgorge, the bleak and lethal heart of warmongering Orld.

Pearl has returned to the castle but finds no comfort within its walls.  While wayfairers continue to stream through the gates, more of the prince’s evil creations violate the castle pale.  Paxton is wounded.  An outrider falls.  And the unturnable key cannot be found.  Will the inkeepers locate the sanguinambit before too much damage is done?  If they do, can Paxton seal the unseen breach with an injured arm – and without Varrick Slone?

The riveting conclusion to the By Eyes Unseen series, Reward delivers relentless action and suspense as loyalties are tested and friendships are lost when a host of threats converge upon the castle.  In the midst of chaos, its heroes are left clinging to hope while defeat on all sides seems certain.

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What readers are saying…

“I found this to be an enjoyable series. Greene’s characters were well-done, the adventures offered good twists, and each story offered a good balance between action and drama.” – Audie Thacker, author and reviewer at Speculative Faith

“Greene is a superlative writer, and the world she creates and draws us into continually surprised and delighted me.” – Pamela Fagan Hutchins, author of USA Best Book Award-winning What Doesn’t Kill You mystery series

“This is a great story that I would liken to Lord of the Rings or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Great characters, very creative and engaging writing style. Teenagers through adults will love this!…This is fantasy writing at its best!” – Amazon review