All of Your Business

He has every advantage.  She has everything to lose.

All work and no play suits Ben Richmond just fine until he meets Didi Velasquez on a red-eye flight to London.  Charmed by Didi’s buoyant nature, he impulsively asks her out.  When he reports to the office thinking he has a date, Ben discovers they’re competing for rival companies.  Should Ben admit what he’s feeling for Didi even if it means losing a deal?

Didi’s future depends on the next four days in London.  Success means a promotion and the chance to find a better job with a new boss who won’t make her crazy.  Although Didi feels ready to love again, a relationship doesn’t fit into her career plans.  But those plans never included a handsome Brit who might derail her professional dreams.

Set in London’s glitzy financial district, business and pleasure go head to head when kindred hearts compete for a prize that could cost them a future together.


All of Your Business is part of the Richer in Love contemporary romance series.  Click here to find out more about She Hates Me Not, book one in the series.