The Never List (Love Across Londons Book One)

1. What similarities and differences did you notice between the two Londons?  How do Charles and Tori react to and cope with the differences in each era?  In which London would you prefer to live – 2014 or 1854?  What challenges would exist for you in each century?

2. Tori frequently describes herself as “bossy.” Is she?  Why do you think she refers to herself in this way?

3. Family is an overarching theme in The Never List.  Who fills the role of “family” in the protagonists’ lives?  What actual family members have disappointed them, and how?  Do you have a “tribe” or an “Aunt Priddy” in your life?  How might people cultivate relationships like those in today’s world?

4. Another recurrent theme throughout The Never List is emancipation.  Where in the book do characters become emancipated?  Or express a desire to be emancipated?  What kinds of things are holding them captive, and how do they choose to respond?

5. Near the end of The Never List, Aunt Priddy tells Charles, “We are very much a product of the places we are raised.  We are also, always, our own persons.”  How is this tension reflected in Tori and Charles as characters?  In the secondary characters of the novel?  How has it played out in your own life?

6. What’s on your Never List?  (Share your book club’s Nevers on Twitter @TheNeverList!)