The Never List (Love Across Londons Book One)

1. What challenges does Charles face in 2014?  What does he like and dislike about that London?

2. What challenges does Victoria face in 1854?  What does she like and dislike about that London?

3. Family is an overarching theme in The Never List.  Who fills the role of family in Victoria’s life?  In Charles’?  Do you have a “tribe” or an Aunt Priddy in your life?

4. Throughout the novel, Victoria struggles with her grief from the loss of her parents.  How do Charles and Aunt Priddy help Tori face her grief?  How have you dealt with grief in your life?  Did anyone step in to help?

5. Was there a particular character, apart from Charles or Victoria, who stood out for you?  Were there any characters you disliked?

6. If you traveled to 1854, what would you pack in your portmanteau?

7. What’s on your Never List?  (Share your book club’s Nevers on Twitter @TheNeverList.)