3 Response: By Eyes Unseen

  1. How is the theme of “response” reflected throughout the novel? To what unexpected discoveries or requests are characters forced to respond?
  1. The first chapter of Response opens with Carys in Orld where she is disobeying an order in order to protect Varrick. Is her choice right or wrong? When it is acceptable to break the rules?
  1. After Carys is injured, she meets with the king who tells her, “Everyone is wounded, and everyone walks.” What do you think the king means by this?
  1. Midway through the novel, the mystery of Pearl’s missing parents is resolved. How do you feel about their decision to leave Pearl in Castlevale? Did they do the right thing as parents?  As kingsfolk?  How might Pearl’s life have been different if they had returned to Hollycopse and told her what they discovered instead of leaving her alone for five years?
  1. Near the end of Response, Paxton confronts the fact that his life might end much differently than he has imagined. Describe a time in your life when something ended differently than you expected it to. Was it better or worse than you hoped?  How did you respond?
  1. Should Varrick be punished for his past crimes even though he has repented and reformed?
  1. Is Carys a heroic character? If so, how? If not, what keeps her from being a hero?