The Last Bridesmaid (2019)

Hallmark Summary: “Always a bridesmaid, Becca unexpectedly falls for the videographer at her cousin’s wedding. Starring Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell. Starring Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell.”

My Reaction? As delicious as a piece of wedding cake! This is a calmer, gentler “27 Dresses” where everyone in the wedding party actually likes each other. Rachel Boston delivers a lovely performance as Becca who just wants everyone in her life to be happy at the expense of her own happiness. Becca’s chief dilemma isn’t about a man (despite how the summary reads) but about what to do with her professional future. I enjoyed taking the journey with her.

Paul Campbell brings his best game to the table as Kyle, the wedding videographer who doesn’t believe in romance. It’s a common trope for male protagonists in romances (see “27 Dresses”), and it’s nicely done here. Kyle never comes on as too sour or snarky, and we learn why he’s down on love. The videographer angle is a nice touch.

After playing the lead in “Destination Wedding,” Jeremy Guilbaut takes one for the Hallmark team as Aidan. With him, The Curse of the Obvious Choice feels slightly less obvious (although we all know how things are going to end based on the promo materials). Guilbaut also worked with Boston in “A Ring by Spring.” He has become a familiar and reliable presence in Hallmark’s massive film catalog.

Added Bonus: This is another checkmark in the WIN column for Agency for Hallmark Heroines. Becca fulfills her dreams and finds true love without having to choose one or the other. (I guess this is technically a spoiler, but the movie is a Hallmark romance. What else do we expect?)

Festival, Wedding, or Ball? Wedding x 2

Teachable Moment: I didn’t notice one. We get to see Becca making jewelry, but I didn’t catch a full-on “lecture scene” in this movie. Hardly a dealbreaker.

My Verdict? LOVED IT! Enjoy this one with a slice of cake (preferably wedding) and a glass of champagne.