Forever in My Heart (2019)

Hallmark Summary: “Jenna and Charlie found love in Ireland but their dreams drove them apart. Five years later, they reunite and Jenna has to decide where her heart belongs—back home or in the Emerald Isle. Stars Merritt Patterson and Jack Turner.”

My Reaction? This one had me at dia dhuit (that would be hello in Irish). As someone with deep Irish roots who has visited the Emerald Isle many times, I was all in from the get-go. To my delight, “Forever in My Heart” did not disappoint. It was vicarious traveling at its finest with a charming B&B, friendly Irish folk, lilting Celtic tunes, and sweeping coastal vistas. Hallmark left no Blarney stone unturned in the making of this movie.

It did suffer a bit from The Curse of the Obvious Choice. Does Jenna pick a goofily ambitious American with commitment issues or the handsome Irish musician who writes a song especially for his lady love? Ummm…I’ll take Handsome Irish Musician for 1000, Alex. Frankly, the love story is something of an excuse to explore the delights of Ireland, and I’m totally okay with that.

There is an obligatory SAVE THE INN subplot along with a pleasant secondary plotline of unrequited love. And the Agency for Hallmark Heroines Scale holds firm because Jenna remains on her desired career trajectory while getting to live in a place she loves doing work she loves with a guy she loves. I’d call that a win-win-win.

Line of the Night: When Jenna remarks, “Let’s just say there’s one more item on my to-do list.” That item would be Charlie. Get it, girl!

Festival, Wedding, or Ball? Festival

Teachable Moment: A brief explanation of the meaning behind a Claddagh ring.

My Verdict? LOVED IT! Savor with a pint of Guinness (or three fingers of fine Irish whiskey) and a packet of Keoghs Shamrock & Sour Cream Crisps.