Some Place Like Home (A Richer in Love Romance)

1. At the start of Some Place Like Home, Amy Aucoin is on a mission to regain control of her life. What things have happened to make Amy feel like she’s not fully in control?

2. Harry always has a plan, while Amy never plans anything. Which of those are you – someone who plans things in advance, or someone who goes with the flow?

3. When Harry takes Amy on a tour of Crossmere (see chapters 6, 7), Amy feels an intuitive “affirmation” about making the village her new home. Have you ever experienced an affirmation like this when you visited a place or met a person?

4a. Midway through the book, Harry begins asking himself “dangerous questions” about his future. (see chapters 14, 16)  What are some of those questions?

4b. What makes these questions “dangerous” for Harry?

4c. What “dangerous questions” have you asked yourself at certain points in your life? What made them risky to ask?

5a. In chapter 14, the vicar shares this insight with Harry: “We’re told to pray for those who mistreat us. We are never instructed to stay.” Do you agree or disagree with this?

5b. Have you ever known anyone who chose to remain in an abusive or destructive situation? What might have been their reasons?

6. How would you describe Mara Richmond? Have you ever known anyone like her?

7. What is your definition of “home”? What makes a place “home” to you?

8. If you went out to dinner with one of the characters, which one would you choose and why?