Richer in Love Series

Basic British Used in the Series

ASBO – Anti Social Behaviour Order; an official order for a person to stop behaving in a way that annoys or harms others

bagsy – dibs

Billy-no-mates – someone who has no friends

biscuit – cookie

bodge; bodged – make a mess of (“a bodge job”)

budge up – move over; scoot over

car park – public parking lot (sometimes free, sometimes not)

chuffed – pleased with the results

clothes horse – clothes drying rack

cuppa – cup of tea

diary – day planner, calendar, or scheduling book (not a journal of innermost thoughts and longings)

dosh – money

fête – traditional public festivals held outdoors with the goal of raising funds for charity; usually include entertainment and the sale of goods and refreshments.

fresher – first-year student at university; abbreviation of “freshman”

gas mark – temperature scale used on gas ovens and cookers in the United Kingdom

good nick – good condition

gormless – stupid or dull

have kittens – pitch an absolute fit

haven’t seen you for yonks – haven’t seen you in a long time

knickers – underwear

lead (for a dog) – leash

to let – to rent

lift – elevator

loo – toilet; restroom

lorry – large truck

pitch – playing field for competitive sports

mint – expensive; rich

mobile – cell phone

to read (a subject at university) – to major in or study a subject

revision; revising – studying or preparing for a quiz, test, etc.

skint – cheap; poor

skive – skip (as in skipping school or work)

swot – someone who studies really hard AND kisses up to the teacher or boss; more than just a nerd

ta – thank you

taking the mick/mickey – teasing or making fun of someone (in a lighthearted way…mostly)

throw a sickie – play hookie

to put paid to it – to bring something to an end; terminate or cancel

twaddle – untrue or ridiculous talk

uni – short for university (which is never referred in England as “school”)

wazzock – foolish person