Clean Up With These Sweet Romance Reads

Are you forever on the lookout for some sweet and clean reads?  You’ve hit a summer jackpot with this free e-book giveaway!  Download a nice variety of stories including historical and modern, rags to riches and suspense.

She Hates Me Not is included in this giveaway which runs until August 1.  But why wait?  Touch here to download your FREE e-books or touch the graphic above.  Then find a hammock, kick back, and escape into some sweet reads!

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Add Some Magic To Your Summer With These Free E-Books

Help yourself to this veritable feast of fantasy e-books!  From high to low, Arthurian to urban, steampunk to sword & sorcery, this free promo includes a wide variety of magical stories crafted to enchant and delight.

My coming-of-age fantasy Rescue (book one in the By Eyes Unseen series) is included in this generous giveaway which runs until July 31.  Touch here to download your FREE e-books or touch the graphic above.  Enjoy the magic & happy reading!

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Enjoy This Instafreebie E-Book Bonanza

Download more than 130 (wow!) free e-books including romance, fantasy, science fiction, and short stories.  The wide variety of subgenres and styles makes this a rare and generous giveaway.

Touch here to download your FREE e-books or touch the graphic above.  This giveaway runs until July 31, so it should set you up nicely for your end-of-summer reading binge in August.  Enjoy!

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Enjoy These Free Sweet Romances Just For You

Calling all “sweet and clean” romance readers!  If you like your stories more nice-y than spicy, this free e-book giveaway is tailor-made for you!  Help yourself to more than 30 books which include historical westerns, modern weddings, and a few Cinderella-esque tales.

She Hates Me Not is part of this giveaway, and the next book in the series – All of Your Business – is free to Kindle Unlimited members.  Touch here to download your FREE e-books or touch the graphic above.  Happy reading!

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This Fourth Of July, Celebrate Your Freedom To Read

Celebrate your freedom to read!  Just in time for the long holiday weekend, help yourself to more than 50 FREE romance e-books!  These stories range from squeaky clean to super steamy.

She Hates Me Not, one of my contemporary romances, is included in this generous giveaway which ends July 7.  Touch HERE to download your FREE e-books or touch the graphic above.

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Refill Your Summer Reading List With These Fantasy E-books

Update your summer reading list with these free Young Adult e-books!  All these stories fall into the “sweet & clean” category with a variety of subgenres, including fantasy and paranormal along with romance.

Rescue (book one in my coming-of-age fantasy series) is included in this free book promo. With lots of summer left to go, don’t get caught with an empty e-reader!  Touch here to download your FREE e-books or touch the graphic above.

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Happy Launch Day! The Next Forever is Available Now!

Today I’m celebrating the release of The Next Forever, book three in my Love Across Londons series.  These novels are a cross-genre blend of romance, adventure, and intrigue.  Join Charles & Victoria as they travel to 1920s London and then to Regency England while they search for an ancient artifact which could unravel the fabric of time.

The series is meant to be read in order, so new readers should kick things off with The Never List.  It’s available in multiple e-book formats including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Apple.  Grab your copy and get hooked on this romantic time-travel adventure just in time for summer!

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Be Transported With These Free YA and Fantasy Reads!

Are you looking to get away this summer?  Far, far away?  Let these stories transport you to other worlds and times!  This free book promo, which includes Rescue (book one in my coming-of-age fantasy series), features YA-friendly portal fantasy.

So bend those dimensions and visit distant worlds – without ever leaving the house!  Touch the graphic above or TOUCH HERE TO DOWNLOAD your fantasy freebies!


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Kick Off The Summer With FREE Romance Reads!

Looking for your next favorite romance story?  Kick off the holiday weekend with 35 free e-books!  From sweet to steamy, these romances will bring some extra zing into your weekend.  She Hates Me Not is part of this free book promo which runs from May 24 to June 29.  Tap the graphic to download your e-books!

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Can I Get A Woo Hoo?

Exciting news, Greene Team members!  We’ve got two reasons to say Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo #1!  Books 2, 3, and 4 in my fantasy adventure series (By Eyes Unseen) are now available through Kindle Unlimited.  That’s Refuge (2), Response (3), and Reward (4). If you’ve downloaded book 1 (Rescue) for free, and you’re a KU subscriber, you can read the entire series at no cost to you!  These books are written to be read in order, but you could probably pick up with book 2 and figure things out (kinda like The Hobbit vs. The Lord of the Rings).  Or if you’re not already receiving my occasional newsletter, you can subscribe to that and download Rescue for free!  More Narnia than GOT, By Eyes Unseen is a coming-of-age tale that’s character-driven but still has plenty of swords, villains, and creepy critters.

Woo Hoo #2!  One of my books is leaving Kindle Unlimited.  Wait.  Why is this worthy of a Woo Hoo?  Because it means I can continue to submit She Hates Me Not for free book promos and giveaways, which means Greene Team members will download hundreds of free reads throughout the year!  Amazon doesn’t like authors giving away books which are enrolled in KU.  So I’ll gladly play by the rules and pull She Hates Me Not from KU (last day: May 21) – which means the free books will keep on coming!  All of Your Business, the second novel in the Richer in Love series, will remain in Kindle Unlimited.  If you’ve downloaded SHMN for free, you can read AOYB for no additional cost if you’re a KU subscriber!

So be on the lookout for more free book promos to fill your e-readers!

Click the book covers in this post if you’d like more info about Rescue or She Hates Me Not.

Subscribe to my occasional author newsletter HERE.

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