The Glorious Governess

“Nothing less than an earl!”

Rosamund Princeton’s life among London’s beau monde is comfortable, if uninspiring, until her father insists she marry the Earl of Curdworth.

Unwilling to enter a loveless marriage, Rosamund flees London – without a chaperone, no less – to become a governess at a rural estate in Warwickshire.  She has no qualifications or references, but the Duke of Warwick does not seem to care.  He hires Miss Rose Price for one simple reason:  she excels at keeping secrets.

And secrets abound in Netherstone Hall.  The duke’s mysterious departures.  His wife’s unexplained death.  His heartless neglect of his youngest son within a manor house staffed by ruffians.  Despite its shuttered windows and unlit hearths, Rose discovers two unexpected sources of light:  Master Charles and Mr. Fermoy.

Rory Fermoy has secrets of his own – secrets he meant to leave in Ireland.  As the duke’s steward, he manages Netherstone Hall until the fastidious Miss Price arrives, upending the household routine.  Soon Rory finds himself recruited to help teach Master Charles, an inconvenience he does not mind at all.  But his own life, while settled, remains anything but safe.  Despite his instant attraction to Rose, he hides his feelings to protect them both.

As affection grows, so do the mysteries surrounding Netherstone Hall.  Can love blossom in the depths of a desolate winter where secrets swirl like snowflakes in a storm?

The Glorious Governess is part of the Love Across Londons series.