Can I Get A Woo Hoo?

Exciting news, Greene Team members!  We’ve got two reasons to say Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo #1!  Books 2, 3, and 4 in my fantasy adventure series (By Eyes Unseen) are now available through Kindle Unlimited.  That’s Refuge (2), Response (3), and Reward (4). If you’ve downloaded book 1 (Rescue) for free, and you’re a KU subscriber, you can read the entire series at no cost to you!  These books are written to be read in order, but you could probably pick up with book 2 and figure things out (kinda like The Hobbit vs. The Lord of the Rings).  Or if you’re not already receiving my occasional newsletter, you can subscribe to that and download Rescue for free!  More Narnia than GOT, By Eyes Unseen is a coming-of-age tale that’s character-driven but still has plenty of swords, villains, and creepy critters.

Woo Hoo #2!  One of my books is leaving Kindle Unlimited.  Wait.  Why is this worthy of a Woo Hoo?  Because it means I can continue to submit She Hates Me Not for free book promos and giveaways, which means Greene Team members will download hundreds of free reads throughout the year!  Amazon doesn’t like authors giving away books which are enrolled in KU.  So I’ll gladly play by the rules and pull She Hates Me Not from KU (last day: May 21) – which means the free books will keep on coming!  All of Your Business, the second novel in the Richer in Love series, will remain in Kindle Unlimited.  If you’ve downloaded SHMN for free, you can read AOYB for no additional cost if you’re a KU subscriber!

So be on the lookout for more free book promos to fill your e-readers!

Click the book covers in this post if you’d like more info about Rescue or She Hates Me Not.

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About F. E. Greene

F. E. Greene loves coffee, castles, crumpets, and the cat next door almost as much as she loves writing. She is the award-winning author of multiple bestselling series including contemporary romance (Richer in Love), time-travel romance (Love Across Londons), and fantasy adventure (By Eyes Unseen). Her nonfiction series All Things Brighter focuses on writing fiction and poetry. A novelist, songwriter, poet, and photographer, she has taught young journalists and coached creative writers in both scholastic and volunteer settings. Greene's novels blend feel-good romance, mild suspense, a touch of whimsy, and her steadfast affection for all things British.
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