Tis the Season to Treat Yo Self!

It’s been a BUSY two months since my last author update!

alumni-author-event-oct-2016This month I participated in an Alumni Author event at my alma mater.

It was a real treat to connect with fellow alumns who’ve written books including historical romances, travel guides, poetry chapbooks, and plays.

Part of the fun for me at these events is decorating my display table. Tissue paper, mint candy, Mardi Gras beads… It’s like throwing my books a party!


My next contemporary romance book is available for pre-order on Amazon for only 99 cents.

All of Your Business (release date: December 26, 2016) tells the story of the other Richmond brother.  Ben is as straight-laced and all-business as his brother Kip isn’t.  But Ben is just as vulnerable to falling in love when he meets Didi Velasquez on a red-eye flight to London.

Beta copies were delivered to the Greene Team this week!  My books wouldn’t happen without this talented group of alpha editors and beta readers who catch my errors and keep me from slacking.  Thank you all!!!

All of Your Business takes place in London’s glitzy business district (pictured below), although our heroes make time to ride the London Eye and nip down to Surrey for an afternoon away.


With All of Your Business in the editing stage, I’m returning my attention to my time travel romance series, Love Across Londons.  In a bit of a twist, the next book  (The Glorious Governess) takes readers out of London and into the wilds of Warwickshire county. This location is one I know well because I lived just north of Warwickshire and spent countless days exploring its charms – which include Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick Castle, Kenilworth Castle, and miles of glorious countryside.

Set in 1829, The Glorious Governess is a prequel to The Never List and The Best-Left Questions.  (But have no fear!  Charles & Victoria will return for another time-traveling adventure filled with clues, doodads, gates, and Treacher.) #datethegate

Below is a photo from my most recent visit to the town of Coleshill in Warwickshire. I was on a walk with Charlie, my beloved “borrowed” dog during my summertime visits with the precious Nichols family.  This gorgeous public footpath is directly across the road from the house. No driving required to explore the beautiful English countryside!



shmn-daisy-cover-final-300-dpi-images-gray-border-2The Kindle e-book of She Hates Me Not will be ON SALE from November 16-23. My first contemporary romance novel will be available for only 99 cents as part of an Amazon Kindle Countdown.

She Hates Me Not is the first e-book I’ve published only on Amazon instead of branching out to other online retailers (Barnes & Noble, Nook, etc.).

In all honesty, I’m testing the Amazon waters to see how much of an advantage their “KDP Select” program grants an Indie author like me – especially the Kindle Unlimited program, of which I’m not a member.

With the Kindle app available for non-Kindle e-readers, I feel fairly confident that I can still reach my Kindle-less audience. Occasionally I “test drive” the Kindle app on my iPhone, and while it’s not as seamless as a Kindle reader, it seems to work just fine.


October has been #PoweredbyIndie month for Amazon.com.  Amazon’s approach to Indie Authors (like me) has been instrumental in supporting the distribution of countless creative works. All of my e-books are available on Amazon, and I use CreateSpace (Amazon’s print-on-demand service) for my paperback sales.


While Indie publishing has its own unique challenges (what business model doesn’t?), it speeds up timelines, breaks down barriers, and rewards the entrepreneurial spirit.

Let’s wrap things up with one more ooh-ahh photo from Warwickshire on my favorite public footpath outside the town of Kenilworth:


Yes, magical places like this really do exist!

Enjoy the autumn season & thanks for reading!


About F. E. Greene

F. E. Greene loves coffee, castles, crumpets, and the cat next door almost as much as she loves writing. She is the award-winning author of multiple bestselling series including contemporary romance (Richer in Love), time-travel romance (Love Across Londons), and fantasy adventure (By Eyes Unseen). Her nonfiction series All Things Brighter focuses on writing fiction and poetry. A novelist, songwriter, poet, and photographer, she has taught young journalists and coached creative writers in both scholastic and volunteer settings. Greene's novels blend feel-good romance, mild suspense, a touch of whimsy, and her steadfast affection for all things British.
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