One launch, two sales: an Amazing August!

August 2016 has truly been one for the books!

Oh JANE Book ClubI was honored to be a guest at the August meeting of the Oh JANE Book Club.

Members read and discussed The Never List, and I was lucky enough to be invited to attend.

It was a delight to spend the evening with such a lovely group of women!


AND my latest novelShe Hates Me Not – launched on August 30 in Paperback and Kindle eBook at It’s a contemporary romance with a hunky heir-to-a-fortune hero from England. The heroine is a plucky gal from south Louisiana who now lives in Stratford-upon-Avon.

I’ve spent many blissful hours strolling through Stratford. (When I lived in England, I used to drive there to get my hair cut.) I’ve also explored the back roads of Cajun country, especially the area around Lafayette. For me, both places are magical, and I loved “revisiting” them as I wrote.

In She Hates Me Not, Lou and Kip stroll past the Gower Memorial (middle left of photo below) which honors William Shakespeare and four of his characters. I took this photo over Easter weekend while I was working and living in Birmingham (pron: BUR-ming-um). Brum, as the locals call it, is a half hour north of Stratford.


These narrowboats moored on the River Avon were part of an annual festival in Stratford.  The structure in the back is the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, where I’ve been fortunate enough to see several plays (including “The Merry Wives of Windsor” with Simon Callow and Dame Judy Dench.)

AND the hits keep on coming!!! To celebrate the release of She Hates Me Not, we’ve reduced the eBook price of The Never List (Book One in my Love Across Londons series) to $2.99 through Labor Day.  (This applies to all eBook formats, not just Kindle.)

This whimsical, time-travel romance takes place in not one but two Londons – 2014 and 1854.  During my “working holiday” across the Pond in July, I dropped by many of the places that Charles and Tori visit in their respective Londons.  I also combed the city for new locations for the next book in the series.  Catchphrase of the visit?  “How old is that gate?” #datethegate

Familiar sites I was glad to revisit include…

The charming bookshops in Cecil Court (off Charing Cross Road)


The Museum of London (which will soon be moving to a new location, I learned)


The beautiful homes of Belgravia (super-posh in the 19th century and the 21st)IMG_1582

And the famous Rotten Row (popular in historical Regency novels) in Hyde Park

While it’s going to be tough to top a summer like this one, I’m eager to see what the autumn brings! I’m halfway through writing my next contemporary romance (All of Your Business) for the Richer in Love series, and after that I’ll begin the prequel to The Never List.

Above all else, enjoy your holiday weekend and thanks for reading!


About F. E. Greene

F. E. Greene loves coffee, castles, crumpets, and the cat next door almost as much as she loves writing. She is the award-winning author of multiple bestselling series including contemporary romance (Richer in Love), time-travel romance (Love Across Londons), and fantasy adventure (By Eyes Unseen). Her nonfiction series All Things Brighter focuses on writing fiction and poetry. A novelist, songwriter, poet, and photographer, she has taught young journalists and coached creative writers in both scholastic and volunteer settings. Greene's novels blend feel-good romance, mild suspense, a touch of whimsy, and her steadfast affection for all things British.
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